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  • comment-thumb
    Corey Miesel
    Master Ninja | United States

    Ben and the rest of the Moocharoo Ninjas are a wealth of knowledge in the crypto space. Everyone goes out of their way to really make you feel like you are part of the community. I am honored and excited to be a Ninja!!!

  • comment-thumb
    Brian Mullan
    Master Ninja | United Kingdom

    Moocharoo is the Lego of Crypto Investment Training, it makes it fun, keeps it simple and nails all the important points.

  • comment-thumb
    Jonathan Boyd
    Master Ninja | Singapore

    I joined in 2018 and Moocharoo Ninja has become an integral part of my investing strategy. Brilliant!

  • comment-thumb
    Leslie Kelly
    Master Ninja | United States

    I check this site every morning and every evening. Love Ben's fresh look at things. Like - everything!!!!!

  • comment-thumb
    Tyler R
    Master Ninja | United States

    I signed up for your masters program, have loved it! Very good stuff so far! Thanks again! I really Look forward to any future releases you have in the future.

  • comment-thumb
    Steve Aldred
    Master Ninja | United Kingdom

    I have read this and it's very good! Ben is a intelligent guy and knows his stuff.

  • comment-thumb
    Claire Hill
    Master Ninja | Australia

    What a refreshing and eye opening view on investing. Loved the use of apps and copying other traders, I must admit I was a little skeptical as trading is not really my thing but the apps take care of all the work leaving me more time for shopping!

  • comment-thumb
    Michael Sapopo
    Master Ninja | Philippines

    This book is amazing, I always wanted to know how to trade stocks and shares but never know how. I never thought it could be this easy to trade successfully!

  • comment-thumb
    Thomas Coleman
    Master Ninja | United Kingdom

    I like it handwritten gives it a certain charm, I think you should make it into a proper ebook and sell it on Amazon

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